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Dedicated to promoting the economic, cultural and social viability of Chester County, VISTA Today is an on line daily blog capturing the excitement of Pennsylvania’s fastest growing county. Featuring brief snapshots of the County’s public and private leaders and its companies and associations, VISTA Today offers six to eight stories each day to its subscribers. According to its founder, Ken Knickerbocker, VISTA Today broadcasts “short, concise, easy to read summaries of the County’ assets; its cultural and community news and events”

In starting this blog, Knickerbocker worked closely with several Chester County leaders such as Gary Smith of the Chester County Economic Development and Mary Beth DiVincenzo to structure the blog and pinpoint positive stories illustrating what it is like to live and work in Chester County. Affectionately called “Journal in a Box,” VISTA Today focuses solely on the positive aspects of the subject story. The staff receives story ideas from a variety of sources including press release, personal contacts, and hundreds of e-mails. A vital part of VISTA Today is its affiliate partners, including Delaware County Community College, YMCA of Greater Brandywine and Vanguard. These affiliates not only help financially support VISTA Today, but they offer guidance and a rich source of critical information.

Another major player in helping to shape the financial and operating plans of VISTA Today has been the mentoring services offered by SCORE of Chester and Delaware county. SCORE mentors Steve Crumrine and Steve Werner have helped to develop economic guidance for future growth. And since inception, Vista Today has grown from one professional to a staff of five. Knickerbocker notes, furthermore, that he intends to expand VISTA Today into several neighborhood counties including Montgomery and Delaware.

SCORE is a non-profit national organization of business volunteers dedicated to providing free counseling and educational service to small businesses. SCORE volunteers are business experts who apply their life experience and business knowledge to mentor entrepreneurs planning to start a small business, or small business owners who seek assistance in solving business issues.  To schedule a personal session with a counselor or learn about small business education programs, call Chester and Delaware County SCORE at 610-344-6910 or click here to visit us online


January 27, 2017

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