How SCORE helped. 

With headquarters in the state of Delaware, SubstitoothFairy is one of the fastest growing temporary dental staffing agencies in the region. Founded in 2008, Substitooth Fairy provides professional assistance to dentists with highly qualified dental hygienists, and office receptionists in Delaware and areas of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Seta Babayan-MacCrory, founder and owner of Substitooth Fairy likens her company to “a dental cupid” because it matches dental professionals with dentists needing immediate operational support. One of the best advantages is that the dentist does not have to hire a full time professional, but can select quality personnel on an as needed basis. Babayan-MacCrory notes that the professional is paid directly by the dentist who, in turn, is charged a small administrative fee.


Substitooth Fairy is not the first temporary dental staffing agency in the region, but it is the first in Delaware. And according to Babayan-MacCrory, SubstitoothFairy has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception in 2008.  ”We opened our firm in 2008, one of the worst financial times in our country. Despite this ominous beginning, we have grown steadily during our first nine years. In our first operational year we realized a 22% increase in sales and by 2014, SubstitoothFairy’s income had grown over 100%.  2014 was also the year Babayan-MacCrory brought in Joseph Gruszka, RDH, one of her Dental Hygiene classmates from Harcum College to assist her with daily operations as Babayan-MacCrory still worked as a full-time Dental Hygienist for her clients staffing needs. “I believe there is an excellent prognosis for future growth,” Babayan-MacCrory concluded, and franchising this business may be in Substitooth Fairy’s future plans.


Prior to establishing SubstitoothFairy, Seta Babayan-MacCrory is a practicing dental hygienist with limited professional business experience. When she decided to start her firm, she sought professional guidance from people with business backgrounds. That’s where SCORE entered the picture. Armed with experience in the business, SCORE provided the needed expertise to help her launch and grow SubstitoothFairy. Developing practical strategic and analytic business plan was the first step. SCORE counselor Jane Katsnelson met Babayan on numerous occasions offering solutions. As a result, that assistance has helped make Substitooth Fairy a viable dental staffing agency.


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April 12, 2017

Substitooth Fairy