Tom MacNeal’s venture into the world of fitness began during his first year of college when he had a part-time job as a personal trainer at a gym. He knew that exercise and healthy living were his calling, and switched his major to health science. When the gym he had been working at for five years unexpectedly closed, MacNeal decided to start his own personal-training business, Fitness2Go, which offers clients personal training in the privacy of their homes.  

As his business grew, MacNeal defined his niche: becoming a personal “health concierge” with services such as nutrition counseling and a more personalized all-inclusive approach to health and fitness. 

My successes. 

Fitness2Go was awarded the Daily Local News Reader's Choice for "Personal Training" and "Weight Control."

MacNeal offers this valuable advice: “Find a good mentor.  They will help you to limit your mistakes while growing your business. Continue to educate yourself.  Every field changes over time and you have to keep up with the industry. Don’t look at failure as a reason to quit.  That failure just got you one step closer to success. Owning a business, I have good days and bad days just like everyone else.  The major difference is that I wake up every day proud to be a business owner and excited to see what the next day will bring.” 

How SCORE helped. 

To ensure that his company was properly established, one of the first steps MacNeal took was to contact SCORE. Mentor Dan Krause helped him to determine the proper legal status for his company, and MacNeal maintained his connection to SCORE as he grew his business through customer referrals.  SCORE helped him to focus on marketing and to measure his results through monitoring his marketing channels and establishing his brand.  

MacNeal later worked with SCORE counselors Ted Nichols and Wilson Chu to start “Body Blast Boot Camp,” a new group fitness training business. Since SCORE has been so helpful to him, MacNeal advises all would-be entrepreneurs to seek out SCORE mentoring.