How SCORE helped. 

Meet Advanced EEO Solutions, LLC and a timely transition strategy!

Frank’s recent Success Story is a great example. In this case, Garrison Birckett, who operates an EEO consulting firm that provides services to the U.S. government, came to SCORE for some very specific assistance.

“I needed help navigating the federal contracting arena,” noted Garrison, who had been handling federal assignments as a subcontractor for some years and wanted to elevate his company to full federal contractor status. He was excited to team up with Frank, because Frank had deep experience with a company that was a federal contractor.

Equal Employee Opportunity (EEO) businesses contract with the Federal government to provide investigations into cases assigned by the government. Garrison’s Advanced EEO Solutions, LLC was formed in 2012 after he learned the business working for others. His consulting business was successful as a subcontractor to Primes. A ‘Prime’ is a professional who obtains the contract with the government and gets some of the work done by subcontractors.

Starting in late 2019 Garrison recognized that his business base might disappear as his Prime’s principals were in their seventies. Garrett had to learn how to do bids and build relationships with the government. He made the conscious effort to convert his business to become a Prime. His subcontract experience had prepared him for this move.

The plan included direct contracting with the government. He applied for and was granted an 8A Certification. This certification is intended for organizations that are owned and controlled at least 51% by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals.

“Frank had been through it. He knew the obstacles I was encountering. I could talk with him about matters I could not discuss with anyone in my company,” Garrison said. “He counseled me to be patient and to stay the course.” After 9 full mentoring sessions beginning in January 2020, Garrison’s firm has achieved full federal contractor status. In addition, he has achieved 8A Certification, which offers a competitive advantage when bidding on federal contracts.

Garrison has already established his business as a government contractor and won a prime contract while maintaining some of his subcontract work. This has allowed him to begin a smooth transition from subcontracting to Prime while maintaining revenue growth.

Garrison recognized that his business environment was changing and implemented an action plan to address it. Garrison said he will ramp up the SCORE mentoring sessions once he is awarded EEO contracts: “I will need Frank’s help developing strategies for fulfilling the contracts. Frank is just so helpful, I will always stay in touch with Frank.”

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