Are you thinking about buying a franchise but not sure if you’re ready?

This eguide is intended to be a concise primer on how to navigate your way to franchise success.

It features practical information and exercises that will enable you to consider whether a franchise is right for you. Franchising is a great choice, but it is only one option for getting into business. It is always good to understand your options and determine what is best for you.

Franchisors do provide proven systems, training and support. However, franchisees implement these proven systems and manage the business. This will mean long hours and hard work. Are you aware of all that entails and are you willing to do it?

You are paying a price to be a part of a franchise.  You are investing into a system of doing business, and they train you to be proficient. It buys a brand name and standards to insure your customers will experience the same high quality standards in every unit of that franchise. Be very familiar with what the franchisor provides and ask yourself if you are willing to follow their procedures. If not, do not make an investment in a system you will not use.

Sections in this eguide include:

  • What Does It Take To Succeed?
  • The Building Blocks to Franchise Success
  • Can You Do It? Do You Have the Drive?
  • Qualities of a Good Franchise System
  • The Business Model, Finding the Right Fit
  • Solidifying Your Financial Plan
  • Franchise Selection Decision Plan
  • Business Preferences Questionnaire
  • Questions to Ask Franchisors
  • Questions to Ask Franchisees
  • Franchise Regulations and the FDD
  • And much more to ensure you’re on the road to success

It’s estimated that less than 12% of the businesses in North America are franchised, but they account for over 50% of all North American retail sales— more than four times their share of the dollars.

Key Topics

Your Roadmap to Franchise Success