As a member of several local Chambers of Commerce, Judith Lee attended SCORE
seminars. The leadership of one chamber noticed that program attendance was low.
The thought was that if members were more familiar with the speaker, there might be
more interest in attending. Believing that was true, Judith reached out to SCORE
Chester County and explored the idea of becoming a presenter. She remembers the
requirements to become a volunteer with SCORE were rigorous. But after attending the
5 business workshops in Exton and participating in several co-mentoring sessions,
Judith became an active volunteer in 2014.

While she was working full-time running her own professional communications
business, Judith quickly realized that she would not be able to dedicate the time
necessary to become a mentor but could follow through on the plan to present
workshops. She connected with Vic Goldberg, the head of the Speaker’s
Bureau, and developed popular programs on social media marketing. And it was a
surprise to no one that her live presentations drew enthusiastic audiences.
For several years Judith gave in-person workshops throughout Chester County and
then added libraries in Delaware County to the mix. Her social media expertise was in
great demand. She was even called upon to serve as a Subject Matter Expert during
mentoring sessions for chapter clients. Judith was always willing to help. And even as she volunteers on the communications committee with the Western Chester County Chamber of Commerce, her hometown chamber, Judith continues serving as a SCORE speaker because she believes in the SCORE mission to support the growing small business community.

When in-person venues shut down, and workshops moved to virtual sessions as a
result of the pandemic, Judith also transitioned. Once asked to pilot a small group live
demonstration session, Social Learning: Get Started with Facebook Promotions, for the
chapter’s education team via Zoom, she again stepped up to support clients and help SCORE find new ways to meet their needs.

Judith is the first to admit she found in-person training energizing. Interacting with
people during ninety-minute sessions, sharing information and answering questions was
something she loved. But moving to a virtual platform has proved to be a more efficient
way to reach a larger number of participants. Gone are the long commutes to in-person
venues, and as Judith became more comfortable with the sixty-minute online sessions,
she thinks webinars are here to stay. Even though the recorded sessions limit the
opportunity for Q&A, the adjusted timeframe seems to fit into more schedules. Judith’s
last three sessions of How to Create “Killer Content” for Social Media and your Website,
garnered 260 registrations with 50 percent attendance and another 59 views of the
video recordings. That’s 192 clients served!

But Judith doesn’t limit her SCORE volunteering to just presenting. Since 2018, when
Vic first invited her to help with updating the format for the Small Business Achievement
Awards luncheon, Judith has served many behind-the-scenes roles to ensure the program’s success. From reviewing the mentors’ submissions, developing the initial client success story videos, coordinating the videos for an entirely virtual event with an outside contractor (twice!), and scripting and recording the most recent winners’ stories, Judith is a key member of the Awards Committee. She manages to keep all the speakers’ presentations within the time allowed and that is not an easy task.

When asked what is next for her with SCORE, Judith admitted she is looking to step
back from her marketing business so will have more time to volunteer. She would
consider co-mentoring clients because she likes digital marketing and can be an asset
to small business owners. She would even think about a leadership role because she enjoys all the SCORE volunteers and working with so many different people from varying backgrounds and gaining new perspectives. Over her years in SCORE Judith has seen the addition of many younger and more female volunteers. She believes that is very beneficial for the future of the organization.

Away from the office and volunteer commitments, Judith is an avid equestrian. Her retired racehorse, Marco, has been retrained as a recreational horse. Together since he was 5 years old, Judith has ridden Marco for 10 years. Many of those were spent fox hunting with River Hills Foxhounds in Chester and Lancaster counties. Judith is quick to clarify that fox hunting is not a blood sport, but a dignified English tradition. The foxes and hounds are well trained by dedicated huntsmen to participate in a game of “cat and mouse” as the fox creates a maze of scent throughout restricted hunting lands for the hounds and then the horse and riders to follow. The season runs from September through March with hunts taking place 3-4 days a week and the chase lasting from 2-4 hours. Maybe 30 years ago when starting out she could keep that pace, but before ending her hunting career in 2021, Judith and Marco would be in the back of the pack 1-2 mornings a week for a couple of hours. Nowadays Judith is a proud member of the Old People’s Riding Club and safely rides in small groups on trails or in a riding ring, simply enjoying the slower pace and the scenery.

Judith and her husband also love to travel to Europe to visit their son who lives in Luxembourg. Since he has no plans to return to the United States, their plans include retiring to Europe in the not too distant future!

We congratulate Judith for going above and beyond as a SCORE volunteer and being recognized as this quarter’s Spotlight recipient. Thank you for your continued service to SCORE Chester and Delaware Counties!

Volunteer Spotlight: Whether Presenting Workshops or Supporting Awards Luncheons, Judith Lee Steps up to Help