| Meet Paula Paisley: Sharing her QuickBooks expertise with our chapter

We all come to SCORE in different ways and find our reasons to stay. Sometimes we are enticed by community involvement. Sometimes we are enamored with being able to help small businesses succeed. And sometimes it is because of Vic Goldberg. That is how Paula Paisley found her way to the chapter. Vic was manning a SCORE booth during a small business expo when Paula was looking to expand her network beyond her extensive volunteer community.

Paula, always passionate about networking, saw SCORE as an opportunity to redirect her efforts with the Women’s Business Connection of Chester County and invest time in another local organization. While speaking with Vic, she understood the potential impact she could have helping the small business community and was excited to get involved. Paula joined the chapter in 2011 as only the second woman member.

Paula began her career as an in-house bookkeeper for a family-owned construction company. Growing up, she was intrigued by the way carpentry facilitated logical connections between different resources to create a bigger picture, such as a house. That same concept carried over to her interest in numbers and accounting—tying together the different areas of a business to provide the bigger story. The several years Paula worked at the construction firm allowed her to expand her knowledge and grow her confidence while nurturing her entrepreneurial spirit. This was the jumping-off point for Paula to start her own small business, Paisley Solutions, in 1996.

Paula has always been a business champion in her volunteer affiliations. Whether serving as President of the Women’s Business Connection of Chester County, her active membership in the Chester County Chamber of Commerce since 2005 and Treasurer since 2017, or her SCORE involvement since 2011, her passion for the local economy always shines through. Anyone who has benefitted from Paula’s activism can tell she is someone who lives by the Platinum Rule, treat others the way they want to be treated. She is always looking for ways to bring others into the spotlight, such as promoting her 87.5% female staff at Paisley Solutions. (The other 12.5% is her world-famous dog, Haley Paisley.)

On top of her successful small business, Paula’s tenure at SCORE includes serving as a workshop presenter, subject matter expert, and prior Executive Committee member. Her QuickBooks program is scheduled every Spring and Fall and, in just the last 5 years, has equipped over 270 small business owners with skills to successfully manage their business finances. Seventy percent of Paula’s workshop attendees go on to engage with SCORE mentors. As an SME Paula has counseled clients on bookkeeping best practices and led the QuickBooks training in 2021 SBA Emerging Leaders cohort made up of 20 small business CEOs developing growth plans. Additionally, Paula was the first woman leader on the chapter’s Executive team serving from 2013-2016!

We are grateful to Vic for recruiting such a valuable chapter volunteer. Paula has been an asset to our organization and our clients, and we are lucky to have her. As Paula reflects on her time at SCORE it is with pride and enthusiasm. She is proud of her accomplishments and is looking to get more involved over time as she transitions from her small business to the wonderful Valhalla of retirement. Until then, Paula will continue to find time to indulge in her favorite past times of hiking, kayaking, and reading with her wonderful husband and legendary dog, Haley.

Paula, we are all fortunate to have you on our team and are pleased to celebrate you in our Volunteer Spotlight!

Volunteer Spotlight - Meet Paula Paisley