When Comcast presented at our monthly membership meeting, many members were impressed with the way the Comcast Spotlight program allowed the client to address their target audience. The Executive Committee of our chapter was equally impressed. We had been looking for a means to increase the diversity of our mentors and believed this would give us the opportunity to reach an audience that traditional marketing efforts did not allow. 

We connected with a local video producer that works with SCORE workshop presenter, Carey Baskin, and had experience producing videos to air on Comcast. Then we selected one of our chapter's success stories that could communicate our message, be visually appealing, and highlight a diverse group of mentors. Initially, our plan was to film a video to recruit volunteers that could then be repackaged to attract clients at minimal expense. As the project progressed, the concern became whether we would interest more mentors than clients, so we refocused the effort to appeal to new clients.

We learned a lot while producing the video and airing the Comcast commercial. It gave us the opportunity to get our Google analytics working properly and improve our social media tracking. Unfortunately, we did not see an increase in mentoring or website traffic that could be attributed to the Comcast Spotlight campaign so the decision was made to stop airing the commercial. 

The campaign did provide us with an opportunity to expand our marketing knowledge and online analytic capabilities. We also own the video along with some additional, unedited footage that can be used in for other future marketing efforts on our social media marketing channels.

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