During February, SCORE is celebrating and honoring the achievements of Black-owned small businesses as COVID-19 challenges continue.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, across the US, 19,381 Black-owned businesses reached out to SCORE as part of the new, post-pandemic entrepreneurship boom. 

Thirty-one percent of SCORE’s client services in 2021 supported Black entrepreneurs, including more than 1.4 million hours of volunteer service.

“We’ve heard firsthand that Black entrepreneurs can face unique challenges in their journey to entrepreneurship,” said SCORE CEO Bridget Weston. “For some, access to small business funding and key resources is challenging.

“For others, increasing business knowledge is the key to success. Whatever the needs may be, SCORE offers free mentoring, education, and resources to make the path to success easier and more direct.”

SCORE Supports Black-Owned Businesses

In response to unique barriers faced by Black entrepreneurs, SCORE created a centralized hub called SCORE for Black Entrepreneurs which includes:

  • Webinars and original online educational content
  • Free, remote, expert business mentoring
  • Inspiring stories of Black entrepreneurs who achieved their dreams and business goals

Black-owned Small Business Success Stories

Olivia F. Scott worked with SCORE to develop her business, Freedom At The Mat, a wellness platform offering meditation, yoga and mindfulness content.

My SCORE mentor, Dean, counseled me to negotiate with suppliers, including terms and conditions and pricing. He helped me set realistic goals and expectations to launch smartly with limited resources. He also pushed me to create a business plan and develop and execute my own marketing plan.”

Unveiled Bridal Studio Owner, Veatrice Conley, worked with SCORE to get her business off the ground:

“[I’m] so very grateful for the opportunity to work one-on-one with my SCORE mentor, Pat, and the SCORE team during my start-up process. Having continuous support from Pat for my first eight months in business reassured me that mentorship is a necessity for all new business owners. She is my fairy godmother for all things business.”

Learn more about the resources for Black entrepreneurs.