Have you heard about One SCORE? It is the goal of SCORE to provide the same incredible experience to clients and volunteers no matter how, when or where they interact with SCORE and includes quality and consistency across the entire network of mentors and resources. Bridget Weston of SCORE Headquarters believes, "We need to be consistent, in all we say, show and do. Consistency shapes perceptions, eliminates confusion, and strengthens the SCORE brand. Each conversation, piece of correspondence or marketing effort is an opportunity to positively promote SCORE to its audiences. This will help to ensure ever-increasing levels of client engagement and satisfaction." Included in this effort are SCORE: Branding, Email, Elevator Speech, Start-up Roadmap, INTACCT and ENGAGE.

Chairman John Hess and Co-Chair Bill Pearce are spearheading the efforts of our Chapter in implementing programs and changes to align with One SCORE. Both agree that One SCORE is the "key to our success as a national organization to meet the needs of our diverse clients. Centralizing and standardizing our activities will allow our Volunteers to provide high quality, relevant and sustainable services over time." By using common branded messaging, consistent systems, and business tools used in today's market that work and are easy to use our chapter will benefit.

 Our Chapter's Status

One SCORE is especially timely and important as our client base grows and the millennial generation becomes more and more active in starting up new businesses in Chester and Delaware Counties. In 2020, we will proactively refresh our skills and train together as a team on the new business systems and tools. An overview of the key components of One SCORE include:

  • Consistent SCORE Branding - same look and feel, tonality, messaging and logos...just like other national and international non-profit businesses (SCORE Brand Guide)
  • SCORE Chester and Delaware Counties - this is how our Chapter is named, our communications are labeled, and how our logo is designed
  • SCORE email address (@scorevolunteer.org) is our standard now. This insures a professional, secure communication channel to our clients, sponsors, and local community. The email requirement went live October 1, 2019. Roger Fleming can be contacted for assistance or refer to SCORE resources for setting up and connecting your personal SCORE email account at: https://help.score.org/hc/en-us/sections/115003322028-Scorevolunteer-org-Email-Accounts
  • Common SCORE Elevator Speech -- Leslie Swope will be presenting the pitch and proposed Elevator Speech during the January member meeting so plan to attend! The working draft of our chapter's elevator speech for "What is SCORE?" is, "Hi, I am (name), a member of SCORE Chester and Delaware Counties organization. SCORE is the largest volunteer business expert network in the USA, operating since 1964. Our volunteers help small businesses and start-ups in a variety of capacities. SCORE provides confidential mentoring at no charge with access to 11,000 volunteers with wide industry experience in every aspect of business. There are workshops, live and online seminars and many practical business tools. We're here for the life of your business - providing professional advice at every stage to help you start, grow, sustain or transition your business."
  • SCORE Start-up Roadmap is a new tool rolling out this month to help clients and mentors with the goal to:
    • Offer a distinct set of steps to bring structure to an ongoing mentor/mentee relationship through the startup phase of business.
    • Set expectations for the mentoring relationship in advance for both the mentor and the mentee.
    • Provide clients with concrete, practical, actionable tasks they can complete before the next session.
    • Bring consistency to the startup mentoring process while providing opportunities for mentors to create a more personalized experience.
  • INTACCT Centralized Accounting process: This accounting system guarantees all financial transactions are consistent and traceable to reassure clients' and sponsors' trust in our national and local SCORE organization. Processing and use of donations, payment of bills, and collection of workshop fees will be the same across all SCORE Chapters. INTACCT implementation was completed on time with some herculean effort by Cal Leighton, Lillian Harvey, John Hess, and Ruder Shill. Not all chapters have implemented!!!
  • ENGAGE is the new CRM (client relationship management) program that will replace CORE. ENGAGE is based on the Salesforce platform and standardizes SCORE data collection and documentation for all interactions with clients (including mentoring sessions, seminars and workshops, events), community partners, and sponsors and volunteer activities. Bill Pearce described the system as the "engine behind our Ferrari." All services will be managed within ENGAGE.

What can you do to help?

Training and rollout of One SCORE and its components is being staged in chapters across the US. ENGAGE should be arriving in early 2021. As we move along in this process, progress updates will be reported during monthly member meetings, but there are opportunities to help! As our chapter's operations become aligned with One SCORE, volunteers are encouraged to take an active role. Reach out to John or Bill if you are interested in ENGAGE implementation, drafting fall communications, or leading volunteer trainings. Future articles in this newsletters will also update our chapter's status. Stay tuned!

One SCORE: Where are we in the process?