Let’s learn from this local client how an open mind and
willingness to try new things results in a clear “win.”

Check out this story from Pete Shaw, Salah Abdelhamid and Bob Levitt.

Our chapter has had a long-term relationship with a Chester County environmental assessment and remediation company, starting back in 2009.  Over the last six years we have had a very active Advisory Board that meets monthly with the company president. The company hit a plateau in growth and that became our focus since 2017.  

Our SCORE advisory team brought different background experiences and blended our perspectives for the benefit of the client.  Together, we were able to provide guidance on business strategy, engineering/technical, financial and management. Our client was a great candidate for mentoring with an open mind and willingness to test out recommendations. Lots of purposeful debate resulted in many constructive steps to reinvigorate the company’s topline growth and streamline its management practices.

Key shifts in strategy executed by our client resulted in valuable outcomes:

  • Sharpened focus on Commercial and Industrial markets
  • Invested in an ERP* system to support growth and improve quality of services
  • Took advantage of short-term opportunities such as Pennsylvania Pipeline project
  • Expanded presence with new offices in New Jersey and Delaware, supplementing and leveraging the local office in Pennsylvania
  • Added jobs (+35% last two years) and utilized contractors to stay agile and cost effective
  • Increased sales +90% last five years

And, our relationship continues while our client actively seeks out acquisitions to broaden the company’s offering which will add yet another growth vector. The SCORE team acts as a “sounding board” to help vet potential acquisition candidates, with two leads identified to date.

What does the SCORE team think?
Our key to success was working in collaboration “with a client who was willing to take risks and invest in people before the business was funded by revenue and earnings.”

“…we did make a meaningful contribution and we’re proud of that.”

“…after 45 years of experience in the environmental engineering industry, it has been a unique and very satisfying experience for me…we are advising a completely different type of professional who's all "business man"; that's very different from what my generation looked like:  all technically focused...  As a result, I personally learned a lot in the process, while adding some value...”

“Every small or large business requires that they bring value to their customers. Markets are changing faster than ever yet our client seems to be looking to realign both internally through CRM* technology and externally through digital marketing to grow into the future. The future looks very bright!”

*ERP:  Enterprise Resource Planning
*CRM:  Customer Relationship Management

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