As this year comes to a close, (fiscal year Oct. 2018-Sept. 2019), SCORE of Chester & Delaware Counties has much to celebrate. We also understand that none of these accomplishments could have been possible if it were not for our Volunteers! For the record,

our chapter is performing in SCORE's 90th percentile 

for quality services and volunteer engagement! 

By the numbers: in Fiscal year 2019, New Client Engagement is up 2.0% to 820, In Business Clients increased 9.3% to 42%, Total Mentoring Hours of 2,200 was a decrease of 3.9%, the number of Women Volunteers was up 7.4% to 26.2%, and Total Services showed an increase of 9.9% to 3818.

We exit our fiscal year at 101 Volunteers, with a third being employed, a third semi-retired, and a third retired. Of those volunteers, over 25% are women including some small business owners. Thousands of years of broad-based business experience is represented in this talented team supporting 1,617 in-person counseling sessions this year taking place in 13 mentoring locations as well as via phone, e-mail, and video. 

In addition to mentoring, the Chester & Delaware Counties chapter also conducted 101 local workshops with 1610 attendees and sponsored 326 national recorded workshops viewed by 591 attendees. We are grateful to our workshop presenters who share their expertise on timely topics for entrepreneurs and the small business community.

Over 41% of our Chapter’s SCORE clients are already in business. The data shows that a small business’s 5 year survival increases by 50% through SCORE mentoring, resulting in higher revenues and accelerated business growth. (In a related story, read about the 2019 SCORE Awardees.)

Reflections from our Chairmen - Fiscal Year Transition

Serving as chairman this past year, Rüder Schill reflects on the chapter's accomplishments.            

" In 2019, the chapter: 

  • Successfully implemented a new format for our Awards Luncheon with videos of each of the award winners created by the Citadel team under the direction of Judith Lee. These videos enhanced the presentations and took our event to a new level. Thanks to all the volunteers that made this happen!
  • Introduced a new on-boarding process under Steve Crumrine that has been well received by our new volunteers and should help improve our volunteer engagement.
  • Identified co-leaders (Vice-Chairs) for the two areas of Community Engagement and Marketing. (I want to thank Wilson Chu for all his hard work and commitment to our marketing efforts for the last several years as he resigns as Marketing Co-Chair to spend more time with grandchildren. Family comes first for all of us.) 
  • Committed to publishing a quarterly Chapter Newsletter for volunteers in the new year with Denise Lynch and Maria Smith taking the lead.
  • Was blessed with having very talented and capable people stepping up to take on responsibilities to

keep this chapter thriving and achieving great things. Having Maria Smith agree to be our Executive

Vice-Chair next year and be our Chairperson in 2022 is a great accomplishment for the chapter. Maria

will be the chapter’s first Woman Chairperson. 

I want to thank all our volunteers for all you have done this past year. You are what keeps the chapter going and performing among the top performing SCORE chapters. We are truly blessed to have a strong chapter.

The chapter is very fortunate to have a very experienced and dedicated Executive Committee and I was fortunate to have John Hess as our co-chair. I cannot imagine serving this past year without his help. Thank You, John."           

As John Hess assumes the chairmanship, he comments on his goals for the chapter moving forward.

"I am grateful to be part of such a great organization, made up of people who volunteer their time to assist small businesses achieve their dreams.  I am humbled to be given the responsibility to help lead our chapter in the next phase of SCORE's evolution.

This is a great time to be taking over as chairman, as SCORE moves forward with new leadership under acting CEO Bridget Weston.  She is providing fresh leadership and reaffirming our strong relationships with both the SBA and Congress. I believe she has the right focus to steer us through the impactful change of migrating to our first centralized accounting system and implementing a new CRM system. 

I look back at 2019 and feel proud of the strides we have taken in Client, Volunteer, and Community Engagement.  We are positioned well to deliver the Vision that every person has the support necessary to thrive as a small business owner.   I am grateful to have worked with and learned so much from Rüder over the past few years, and he has given me a very high standard to match.

My determination for 2020 is to continue the attention on these three pillars of excellence through a dedication to our marketing efforts.  A Marketing Strategy is being developed to enable each of our Engagement efforts to maximize their impact. You will hear more about our Marketing Strategy in the next couple months.

Another area of emphasis in 2020 is to ensure that we are improving our partnership capabilities in the community.  First, we need to continue to show our existing partners that we value the support they give us. Second, to reach out across our two counties and find additional partners that will extend our ability to provide educational services to clients and potential clients.

Finally, I want to make sure that our volunteers understand how much they are valued.  We will continue to find new ways to bring valuable information to you so that you continue to learn, create opportunities for you to engage with your fellow volunteers, and make being part of SCORE fun.

Please reach out to me if you can assist in making our Chapter the best it can be.  I look forward to meeting all of our volunteers and working with you during the course of the year."

A Look Back with a Focus on the Future