As a follow up to last quarter's feature story, here are highlights of the chapter's newest offerings from the speakers bureau. These are great programs to share with clients during mentoring sessions! For a complete schedule, refer to the chapter's Workshops & Seminars page. (Watch your SCORE communications for updates on when live seminars and workshops will start up again.)

Blogging for Business by Brandyn Campbell - This program will get behind the mystery to help you understand why a blog is an essential component of your brand's marketing efforts. Brandyn dives into the tools and strategies needed to make launching and maintaining a successful blog easy. You don't have to be a writer to create content that will resonate with your audience and convert readers into customers. Join in for this jargon-free workshop that will give you the confidence to promote your business through your blog.

7 Cool Things You Can Do with Your Website to Improve Your Sales and Marketing by Cary Baskin - Most businesses websites are nothing more than an online brochure. Yet there is so much more you can do with a website. In this presentation Cary shows several examples of functionality you can add to your website to more effectively market your business on the Internet or more effectively integrate your sales process into the website.

What it Takes to Start and Run a Successful Non-profit by Mike DiLeo - In this interactive presentation Mike covers three questions: What are the key-steps in starting a Non-profit? What are some of the day-to-day tactics which can help maintain a successful Non-profit? and What are some strategies that can be used over time to ensure continued success? Several local non-profits are used as examples to illustrate practical approaches to dealing with the opportunities and challenges of running a non-profit.

What's Your Shtick? Personal Branding Online & Off by Lynne Williams - This presentation is all about YOU! Lynne provides tips and best practices for business & networking cards, explains the difference between taglines vs. slogans, explores the six-word memoir, and performs a SWOT analysis of YOU. She also helps you develop personal branding on LinkedIn, reflects on your online and offline reputation, and has you create your action plan.

Let's Talk: Loans to Small Businesses with Assistance from The Small Business Administration (SBA) by Kimberly B. Stout - As a small business, sometimes receiving "financing" (borrowed money) is called "getting credit" and a bank is said to "extend credit" to a loan recipient.  This workshop will help you prepare to become credit ready and discuss possible sources of business funding.  Kimberly addresses topics including: What lenders look for in a loan applicant (the "Five C's of Credit"), what a credit score is and why it matters, and what's included in a loan application, the importance of a Business Plan and cash flow projections and assumptions, AND avoiding predatory lending practice.

How to Create "Killer Content" for Social Media and Your Website by Judith Lee - Original content is what Google and all search engines are looking for when they rank websites and social media sites. The more original content you have on your social media and your website, the higher your business will rank in organic searches of the World Wide Web. Judith will show you where professional content creators go for ideas, information, photos and videos, and then put it all together to create original content. Even if you do not consider yourself to be a writer or artist, you can learn how to create content that will engage prospects and optimize your business's ranking on search engines (SEO). That "killer content" also will raise your visibility in the marketplaces.

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