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What do Mainline Magazine, CBS Channel 10’s “Talk Philly” and the online magazine “West Chester Dish” have in common? These Foodie media favorites have all featured Waffatopia. Unlike any waffles you will find in the local supermarket or even at your favorite eating establishment, Waffatopia waffles are made from dough and infused with Belgian Pearl Sugar that becomes caramelized in the baking process to form a crispy, crunchy coating. The result is a scrumptious waffle that is so sweet it makes syrup superfluous.

Waffatopia founders Brian and Andrea Polizzi came upon these waffles while vacationing in Belgium. Liege, Belgium an historic city located just 1 hour from Brussels by train and 2 hours from Paris by high-speed train is the birthplace of a uniquely sweet waffle, sweeter than the traditional Brussels, Belgium waffle. Upon returning home, Brian and Andrea realized that this type of waffle was not readily available here. So they set out to figure a way to bring this 18th century Belgian creation to food-loving Americans. 

Recognizing the importance of “branding and identity” from their previous large-corporation jobs, one of the very first things Brian and Andrea did was to develop a company name and logo. Since eating these sweet waffles was such a “heavenly utopian” experience, it was not difficult for them to adopt the name “Waffatopia.” The Waffatopia company, launched almost 2 years ago, markets their waffles at retail, online and wholesale outlets. Brian and Andrea had originally set out to sell their waffles on college campuses from a food truck. However, the truck plus the additional cost of having to package the waffles prior to sale (a Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture requirement), caused the Polizzi’s to re-think their approach to the market. The Polizzi’s reasoned that, before embarking on a foodtruck purchase, why not start by manufacturing and packaging the waffles for sale at traditional retail outlets. They soon learned that this was a wise marketing approach. 

Appealing to a customer base of waffle-lovers and gift-givers, Waffatopia sales have risen steadily over the past 2 years. Currently, 55% of their sales come from live retail events, 35% from online and fund-raising and 10% from wholesale. These percentages are likely to change as Waffatopia introduces new products and expands their socialmedia promotions generating greater online sales. Waffatopia waffles contain a variety of delicious and natural