There’s nothing in this world quite as brilliant as polished sterling silver.   The white brilliance of this precious metal is especially evident when displayed as jewelry.  Angela Colasanti, founder of VIELÄ, Ltd. jewelry recognized this first-hand in her earliest sterling silver jewelry creations.  Drawing from nature and the beauty around her, Colasanti began crafting a number of uniquely designed necklaces, earrings, and bracelets – all in sterling silver.  With a B.A. in Art from Moravian College, Colasanti has been designing and fabricating jewelry for over ten years.  With the help of SCORE, she was ultimately able to offer her unique jewelry designs to a wider network of potential buyers.

How SCORE helped. 

While Colasanti had success selling her jewelry directly to a small number of individual buyers, she realized that to gain wider distribution and increase sales, she had to market her products on a wholesale basis to many retailers.  This approach also required changing the way she had been fabricating her products, which was to personally create each piece in her home.  With the help and mentoring of her SCORE counselors, John Nelson and Dave Houseman, Colasanti embarked on strategically growing her business.  She started with research and development and retooling the jewelry manufacturing process, while contracting independent companies to fabricate her products.  This also meant developing quality control procedures, as well as controlling the design and costs for each product.  To insure profitability, controlling inventory of finished goods and accounting for raw materials became paramount.  She was growing a manufacturing business.

Through a series of ongoing personal sessions with her mentors, Colasanti developed and implemented a marketing plan that included the creation of the “VIELÄ” brand, intellectual property protection of her original designs and brand, a winning pricing strategy and the development of promotional catalogs.  Her SCORE counselors continue to work with her to complete her business plan with the purpose of obtaining financing for her business.  Colasanti has found the SCORE experience to be most rewarding and says, “Throughout the process, my SCORE counselors have helped me to refine every aspect of my business strategy to set up my business for success.“  Colasanti recently received Top 10 honors for the Halstead Grant, a national competition that recognizes superior silver jewelry design and high business acumen.  She was also invited to speak at the Mid-Atlantic and national conference for The Museum Store Association.  Her designs are currently represented at museum stores, botanical gardens, galleries and boutiques.  She looks forward to growing her business deeper into the museum store market while expanding into coastal and mountain resort retail.

February 23, 2016