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The world has been inundated with software applications for everything imaginable in recent years, but when one emerges that is truly innovative and useful, people take notice. QuestionMed, a learning tool for the healthcare industry that is specifically targeted to Pharmacy and medical students has proven to be one such app.

Leon Do, founder of QuestionMed and a Temple University School of Pharmacy student, initially developed the app to aid in his own studies.  He found that if drug information for specific medical conditions were logically, graphically and hierarchically organized it was easier to learn and retain. It occurred to Mr. Do that this teaching method could make a real difference for Pharmacy and medical students faced with the constant challenge of learning and retaining a tremendous amount of material.  Realizing the value and potential of such a resource, he decided to create a business model based on the concept of using one app to access all of the available drug information as it pertains to a particular diagnosis.  Through a decision tree approach, QuestionMed teaches a thought process that helps the user to select the appropriate drug and dose for that diagnosis.  Mr. Do’s business idea was to build a software application for both Apple and Android mobile devices based on their unique local organizations using hyperlinks.  

Together with his friend Steve Orlando, a Temple Pharmacy resident who has provided clinical support in developing QuestionMed’s products, Mr. Do launched his first app, “Heart Failure,” in early 2014.  The app summarizes 300-pages of material for the treatment of Heart Failure into QuestionMed’s convenient decisiontree format.   For example, if a patient has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Heart Failure, it asks the necessary questions that guides the user to the appropriate drug treatment for the condition.  After posting the free app, Mr. Do found that the potential market was much larger than he had anticipated, extending beyond the targeted Pharmacy students.  Health care practioners of different skill levels and specialties from all over the world were downloading the app, demonstrating that Mr. Do had indeed identified an unmet need and created a unique solution.  In less than a year, Heart Failure received a global response resulting in downloads from over 100 countries around the world. 

Mr. Do released his second free mobile app, “Respiratory Tract Infections,” on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store in September 2014.  This app, which guides students step-by-step through the process of assessing and treating patients with strep throat, sinus infections and ear infections had received the same positive response as Mr. Do’s first offering, indicating a very promising future for QuestionMed.

As a next step, Mr. Do is submitting QuestionMed as a new business entry in the “Be Your Own Boss Bowl,” a business plan competition held annually by the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute at Temple University’s  


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Leon Do, Founder of QuestionMed 
Tel: 610-344-6910
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Fox School of Business.  This contest takes place in April.  A grand prize of $115,000 in cash, Microsoft products and professional services is awarded to the 1st place winner. 

Frank Millheim of Chester and Delaware County SCORE began working with Leon Do and Steve Orlando in June 2014 when Mr. Do requested email mentoring on the national SCORE web site.  “We wouldn’t be where we are today, and our future wouldn’t be as bright, without Frank’s help,” said Mr. Do.   The QuestionMed apps can be accessed from their web site

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January 10, 2015