ONE Physical Therapy and Wellness

"My SCORE counselors have played a major role in helping me start my Physical Therapy business",  says Meghan.   


After receiving a Masters degree in Physical Therapy and becoming certified as a Pilates instructor, Meghan Tierney spent 10 years working for others as a physical therapist.  She then determined that the time had come to be her own boss.  In April of 2009 she began to draft an outline for her business plan.  Her vision was to open her business and offer both traditional physical therapy and Pilates instruction.  Meghan first contacted Chester County SCORE in 2009 and  SCORE counselors Bob Wingerter and John Nelson began meeting with Meghan.  "My SCORE counselors have played a major role in helping me start my Physical Therapy business", says Meghan.  "It was important to have my SCORE counselor's advice and their validation of my ideas as I worked through the details of starting my business."  "Their help in guiding me with my business plan was so beneficial especially with preparing my financial projections and  doing the marketing research.   Bob and John worked with Meghan to refine her financial projections that forecast how much capital she would need to start her business and how much of a business loan she would require.  Meghan says she was able to obtain the required bank loan  without putting up collateral thanks to SCORE's help in preparing her business plan.

            In April 2010 Meghan leased space in a physician's office building near Bryn Mawr Hospital and opened her business.  Meghan has met or exceeded her growth forecasts.  She added her first employee in October of 2010 and two more in that November.  She now has a total of 11 employees, eight clinical practitioners and three clerical staff.  She also increased the size of her leased space in April 2011 in order to grow her expanding practice.

            Meghan says her practice is unique for the area because she and her staff only see one patient at a time, normally dedicating a 50 minute session to that patient utilizing Pilates as the primary form of treatment.  Her clients come to her from physician referrals and word of mouth.  Her practice spans from professional athletes to the elderly.  Meghan says that many of her clients transition into a wellness program after their initial physical therapy treatment.

            "I will be calling on SCORE and my counselors again to assist me with growing my practice and taking it to the next step" says Meghan.  "My goal is to add another location and spend more time administering the practice."

ONE Physical Therapy and Wellness