How SCORE helped. 

Maffei Landscape Design LLC

Maffei Landscape Design LLC provides design solutions and consulting for private residential, public, institutional and commercial properties, with the goal of unifying the environmental, social and economic aspects of the garden into a meaningful and useful whole. All design solutions are created as a team with the client with special emphasis on management of human, natural and economic resources. 

A "firm of one," Danilo Maffei is a certified professional landscape designer (APLD) and a Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturalist (PCH) offering pre-design services, consultation and evaluation, design services, construction and project management. Since 2010, he also has taught landscape design in Longwood Gardens' two-year Professional Gardener Program,

Maffei Landscape Design routinely generates revenue for about five different local contractors,

Maffei Landscape Design has two revenue streams: design fees and project management fees. In 2013, one large client had a budget pullback in 2013 and pushed their construction schedule back one year, resulting in the company realizing only 80% of projected revenues from project management.  However, design fees were at 130% of target, so Maffei was able to remain profitable. He re-balanced 2014 projections and to date is on target for 10% growth over 2013.

Despite the winter’s bad weather, residential and commercial sectors remained optimistic. Maffei notes that design projects and inquiries remained around typical levels. “The challenge was being able to do site visits and making good assessments of the land as it was covered in snow and ice most of the time!”

Maffei says he went into business for himself because he believed that his “business model was the right one for the times and I was ready for the challenge to make it a reality.”  In 2011, he met with SCORE counselors Bob Fedor, Mark Berry and Carl Caruso to ensure that his business was properly structured and that he did not miss any key steps.  Two years later he contacted SCORE again to discuss best practices for monitoring and tracking data to help with business growth. “As a consultant myself I understand the need to reach out for answers to specific questions or to discover the things that I do not know,” he says.