Offset Lithography is a printing process that Ryan Hartley fell in love with in high school.  He even bought a small offset printing press to operate in his garage.  While attending Springfield High School, Hartley worked in the school’s print shop, designing and printing various materials for the Springfield School District.  Bob Preston, who operated the print shop, soon became Hartley’s mentor in the world of printing.  Little did Hartley know that this would develop into a lifetime friendship.  After working in the print shop for three years, Hartley graduated and went onto college.  He then was employed with a number of printing companies in the area.

In 2005, Hartley found himself at a crossroads, when he lost his employment.  With encouragement from Bob Preston, Hartley set out to start his own printing company - Heartline Press, Inc. Printing and Design.  As Heartline Press grew, Hartley hired Bob Preston when he retired from the Springfield School District.  By 2011, Heartline Press had grown to five employees in addition to Hartley.  However, Hartley was working extremely long hours and weekends and the business was barely profitable and positive cash flows were minimal. 

How SCORE helped. 

In 2012, Hartley reached out to SCORE and was introduced to SCORE counselors Phil Macero and Alan Vinick.  Through a number of personal meetings, the SCORE counselors helped Hartley to reorganize his business and to operate it more efficiently and effectively.

SCORE counselors advised Hartley to re-craft his business model, which included developing job descriptions and a strategic marketing plan, as well as identifying customer demographics.  Through this mentoring process, Hartley scaled down his staff and re-aligned his personnel.  He also enhanced his web design services and executed a more effective social media marketing campaign.  Today, Hartley is working less, more reasonable hours (no weekends), has only three employees and Heartline Press is profitable and generating positive cash flow.  With plans to further grow his business, Hartley will continue to tap into the wisdom, experience and mentoring of his SCORE counselors.



Heartline Press, Inc