ge·la·to / jəˈlädō/) noun:  Italian or Italian-style ice cream.  Compared to ice cream, gelato is denser and contains less fat and less air.  It also contains less cream, which makes it fresher tasting and more flavorful.  This may be due to the lack of a creamy barrier on the tongue allowing the gelato flavors to come through more directly.  To see if this is true, you’ll just have to stop by Gemelli’s for a tasting.

When Vincenzo Tettamanti came to America from Italy a few years ago, he was home sick for authentic Italian pasta, pizza and of course gelato.  He started to cook when he was 12 years old and he decided to make all of these from scratch in his home kitchen.  Vincenzo made such a tasty gelato, that he decided to share his gelato creations with other people.  So, he decided to open a gelato & dessert café.  Since the gelato stores in Italy were always in a town center location, Vincenzo investigated thriving city center places and chose downtown West Chester for his shop.  Gemelli Café has an attractive white and turquoise store front, which really stands out on Market Street.  Inside it is an inviting, cozy atmosphere.  It even has a glass-enclosed private room that seats 17.  This room is the perfect place for a party.

Armed with a Masters in Business from the Farrara University, Farrara, Italy and marketing management experience, Vincenzo set out to start his retail operation.  Gemelli Artisanal Gelato and Dessert Café opened its doors for business in October, 2014.  What sets Gemelli apart from the competition is that Vincenzo trained professionally in Italy, he uses only the freshest, local and organic ingredients, no pre-made pastes or powders and makes each batch of gelato from scratch each and every day.  Vincenzo was trained by the best gelato master chefs in Bologna and Ferrara, Italy and his gelato equipment comes from Carpigiani, the leader in the industry and headquartered in Bologna as well.  Vincenzo is working very hard to make his business a success.  When you visit Gemelli you will find Vincenzo in the kitchen from the time the store opens until it closes. 

How SCORE helped. 

Gemelli Artisanal Gelato and DessertWhen Vincenzo was about to sign the lease agreement for his current retail space, he realized that he needed advice on how to manage his day to day operation.  Seeking out this help, Vincenzo came upon SCORE through Facebook.  The first SCORE counselor to meet with Vincenzo was Harry Eckerson.  Harry brought in a number of SCORE counselors with experience in menu planning, marketing, full- and part-time staffing, operations and supplier management.  SCORE even has an expert with direct ice cream shop experience.  SCORE counselors will continue to mentor Vincenzo for as long as required.

February 7, 2015

Gemelli Artisanal Gelato and Dessert Cafe