How SCORE helped. 


Maggie Garcia-Taylor, Owner of Garcia-Taylor Insurance Agency


When it comes to farm & business insurance, there’s nothing like having an insurance agent who speaks your language.  For Maggie’s insurance clients, Maggie does just that.  Specializing in business and farm insurance, Maggie gives the farmer/business owner peace of mind from a person who understands their business.  Garcia-Taylor Insurance Agency, located in Oxford, PA is a full-service insurance agency offering Nationwide car, home, personal, farm and commercial business insurance.


In 2011, Maggie and her husband Christopher was intent on being in the insurance business.  Unsure whether they should acquire an existing agency or start a new one, they came to SCORE for advice.  They met with SCORE counselor Charles Espenlaub to explore the potential options.  The net result was their acquisition of a Nationwide Insurance agency in Oxford in 2011.  The Garcia-Taylor Insurance Agency has grown steadily since 2011 and is now gearing up to go to the next level.  Although only a small fraction of their clients is currently Spanish speaking, Garcia-Taylor hopes to capture a larger population of this community in the future.  So, as the insurance business evolves, Garcia-Taylor plans to continue to meet with SCORE so that they can “stay ahead of the curve.”   


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March 6, 2015

Garcia-Taylor Insurance Agency