At our 50th anversary we had over 11,000 volunteers across the United States in 320 Chapters and over 1000 locations who provide free business mentoring and low cost workshops to small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.  These volunteers donate over 1.1 million hours to this effort every year.

A client survey was conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers at out 50th anversary.  SCORE mentored and or trained almost 125,000 individuals, held 11,000 educational workshops and assisted in starting up over 38,000 new businesses, creating over 67,000 new jobs.  Our clients returned $47 to the Federal Treasury for every dollar appropriated to SCORE by the Federal Govt.

Our clients consisted of 56%  women, 28% minorities and 12% veterans

Enough of the numbers…how many in here know what SCORE stands for?  It is an acronym for Service Corp of Retired Executives…we no longer use the full name as a third of our volunteers today are still in the workforce.

About the same time as the SBA was started in 1953, in Wilmington, Delaware, a man by the name of Maurice du Pont Lee had retired from the DuPont Company at the company mandated age of 65…he did not like the prospect of going to the brain graveyard so he gathered a small group of retirees and formed the Consulting and Advisory Services, Inc.  Their mission was to help small businesses in Wilmington thru the sharing of their business knowledge….and by 1963 there were 50 similar organizations across the country. 

SBA has been inundated with requests for help from small businesses since it’s began, they were aware of the activities of these independent groups and saw the opportunity to bring these groups together and add thousands of volunteer counselors to help small businesses so, on October 5, 1964, SCORE was officially launched by SBA….and as they say…the rest is history.

Now…1964 was a long time ago…this is our Golden Anniversary…several other memorial happenings in 1964 were:

  • The Ford Mustang was Introduced
  • Diet Pepsi was brought to the market
  • The doll…G.I. Joe was launched
  • The movie Goldfinger came out
  • The T.V. show Gillian’s Island began to air
  • The album “Meet the Beatles” was released
  • Lyndon Johnson declared ‘war on poverty’ & signed the Civil Rights Act
  • The TV game show Jeopardy was introduced
  • The Belgian Waffle is popularized at the New York World’s Fair
  • The Kennedy Half Dollar was launched
  • The miniskirt is introduced
  • The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge from Staten Island to New York City is opened

Just one later, 1965, the SCORE Chapter of Lancaster was chartered and will be celebrating 50 years of existence next year.

During SCORE’s first 50 years we have helped more than 10 million aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners…for those of you who are counting…that is an average of one client every three minutes.    In this timeframe we have had well over 150,000 SCORE volunteers engaged in the SCORE mission.

Since its beginnings in 1964, SCORE has had to adapt to the needs of the times…sometimes this has meant changes in policies and priorities set by SBA…sometimes it has meant change in public law and in other instances new directions within SCORE in response to the increasing demands of small business owners. 

With all these changes, however, the basic purpose of the organization has not changed…”to provide through experienced and qualified volunteers, free business mentoring and other training to existing and prospective businesses and non-profit groups so they may increase their potential for success”.