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Experience Positive Therapy LLC


Tina O’Connor,

Founder of Experience Positive Therapy LLC



As a therapist at the crime victim’s center in Chester, Pennsylvania, Tina O’Connor served the local community for over fifteen years.  Having met a number of people in the community through her work, Tina felt that there could be an opportunity to provide talk therapy to the community at large.  She identified this as a niche market that was being underserved and decided to strike out on her own in order to work more closely with families, while also specializing in assisting persons dealing with traumatic experiences.

In 2004, hoping to realize this dream, she founded her business, Experience Positive Therapy LLC, in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania.  She quickly learned that the community she targeted was extremely challenging.  The culture of the community was to “pull yourself up by your own bootstrap” while dealing with one’s own issues rather than to talk to others about them.  It was tempting for Tina to start her business instead in a more welcoming, more affluent community.   But, Parkesburg was the place that she loved and where she lived.  So, Tina took up the challenge of creating her business in Parkesburg.

The first few years were trying, but as she became more active and engaged with community organizations, people warmed up to her and to the prospect of therapy.  Today, Tina participates in a mentoring group for middle school girls and is also an active member of her church and school communities.  Referrals from health insurance companies have also contributed to Tina’s success.

Throughout the life of her business, Chester and Delaware County SCORE has been a key resource for Tina.  When Tina embarked on this journey, she needed advice on marketing.  Later, SCORE provided guidance on how to form a non-profit.  Finding a mentor like SCORE that could answer her questions and guide her was an important part of her success.  ”The most important lesson that I learned was perseverance- not giving up on your dream,” said Tina.  She reminds others that the definition of success is different for each person as you forge your own path.                



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November 13, 2015

Experience Positive Therapy LLC