DiBiase Heating and Cooling Company

                "We first came to SCORE because we needed help growing our business.  We were looking for help in managing business growth and adding employees" says Lisa DiBiase, co owner of DiBiase Heating and Cooling Company. 

"Our SCORE counselor has become our business coach." Joe and Lisa started their heating and air conditioning business in 2008.  Joe said "We started the business part time until we could build up enough revenue for us to meet our living expenses".  Joe's family has been in the heating and cooling business for three generations. After Joe spent many years in the commercial and industrial boiler side of the industry he decided to transition to the residential market. He then worked for his uncle's residential HVAC business but always knew he wanted to one day start his own company. Joe and Lisa moved to Chester County to begin that dream in May of 2008.  They grew the business to the point that in May of 2010 Joe began to work full time for their business.  Joe is the operating principal who troubleshoots and oversees the service technician work, manages their employees and the back office. Lisa sells and does the marketing and oversees the HR functions. From November 2010 through October 2011 their revenue had grown by over 1000% and they also made a profit their first full year in business.  Joe and Lisa project a 30% revenue growth for 2012.  They had hired a service technician in 2011, have an office manager starting  April 5,and are planning additional staff hires in 2012.

            DiBiase Heating and Cooling is also an EnergyWorks Certified Contractor which distinguishes their company from many other HVAC businesses in Chester County.  As an EnergyWorks contractor Joe offers comprehensive energy saving solutions for homes and commercial buildings and low interest financing through the state funded Keystone Help Home Energy Loan Program.

            Joe and Lisa came to  SCORE in February 2011, looking for guidance in growing their business. They met with SCORE counselor David Paxton.  After Joe and Lisa presented their business issues, David helped them with organizational and time management issues and discussed the need to update their business plan.  In April 2011 Joe and Lisa returned for David to review their updated business plan.  Their SCORE counselor provided them with templates to evaluate the incremental costs and revenue generation of adding different skill levels of service technicians and to breakout and analyze the profitability of their top three service lines.  In January of 2012 Joe and Lisa again contacted their SCORE counselor for help to guide them with the analysis of a  significant business opportunity, to bid on a large commercial HVAC building maintenance contract.  David took them through a risk analysis that provided them with the information and comfort they were looking for to make a decision as to whether to pursue the business.  Joe said " our SCORE counselor brought up points that alone we would not have considered".

            "We are so grateful to have SCORE as part of our team" says Lisa.  "Our SCORE counselor is professional, knowledgeable and brings years of experience that helps our business thrive and grow even in this economic climate".

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Joe said " our SCORE counselor brought up points that alone we would not have considered".

DiBiase Heating and Cooling Company