How SCORE helped. 

Jennifer and Robert Morris have been perfecting the study of cupcake making since they opened the doors of their business in 2011.  Cupcakeology, located in Collingdale, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia, has a professional commercial-grade kitchen that is dedicated to making just about any variety of cupcake imaginable.  Since a cupcake is essentially a small cake, the cupcake is the ideal size for experimentation.  The Morris' have taken favorite family recipes and transformed them into cupcake creations like the "Munchie," which combines chocolate buttermilk cake with an Oreo cookie buttercream frosting.  Or, the "French Toast Delight," which combines cinnamon & nutmeg infused with a silky Swiss meringue buttercream frosting.  And, unlike any ordinary cupcake, Cupcakeology cupcakes also contain that magic ingredient that makes them extra fluffy.


Although Jennifer Morris had already developed a plan for Cupcakeology, she decided to contact SCORE to get an experienced perspective and to affirm that she was on the right track.  Morris met with SCORE counselor Jane Katsnelson and the rest is history.  Cupcakeology ( has expanded their product offerings to also include cakes and pies.  You can find their delicious desserts at a number of commercial establishments in Delaware County.   Cupcakeology has received a fair amount of local publicity through their appearances on CBS 3 Philadelphia and MyFoxPhilly Good Day Philadelphia TV shows.  They have also appeared in print in The Philadelphia Tribune, Delaware County Daily Times and the Daily County News network.


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