Founded in 2013, aEONRG provides construction and renovation solutions, including LEED-certified government and corporate construction, renovations, environmental and renewable energy solutions, architectural and engineering services, project management and consulting.  Taking social responsibility seriously, aEONERG aims to provide one-stop-shopping general contracting solutions and to help reduce the country’s carbon footprint. 

After decades in the Army, from leading tank combat troops to managing procurement programs and working in the Pentagon for the Under Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, founder Bill Belknap became a corporate site general manager and facilities lead. But he says, his long standing goal was to become an entrepreneur. Belknap worked with SCORE counselor Frank Millheim while in the planning stages for his business.  “SCORE and specifically Frank Milheim actively listened to my start up business plan and goals, affirmed some of my directions and challenged me to focus more directly on specific groups of customers as well as services where I would have the most success.”

The company has 18 full- and part-time employees.  In 2013, aEONERG won 10 contracts – including one multi-year contract -- with revenues just shy of their $500,000 goal. For 2014, the company’s goal was to double its business with one million in contracts. In March it received its largest award ever and its 16th government contract, reaching $982,500 since becoming operational on May 1st 2013.  

The company is also dedicated to helping veterans, seniors, and the environment through its social responsibility program with a percentage of our profits.  The national nonprofit founded by Cass Belknap in 2003, grants wishes to seniors, with one third of the 1,750+ wishes granted to veterans.

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