We are proud to be recognized as the Eastern PA District’s 2020 Chapter of the Year!

This honor is awarded based on the exceptional accomplishments of our 100 volunteers who have mentored and educated thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners through the pandemic crisis. 

Every day our team focuses on helping small businesses and nonprofits find success – to be resilient, open businesses and add jobs that support our local economy.

Thank you, SCORE Volunteers, for giving back!

  • …for going ‘above and beyond’ to pivot to virtual programming with no interruption in client service
  • …for your teamwork and commitment to each other and the community
  • …for the exceptional partnerships and relationships you foster across the counties 


As the pandemic crisis extended into 2021, our volunteers remained ‘laser focused’ on ‘recovery and resilience’ to help small businesses get back to growth. Mentoring programs were initiated with the City of Coatesville and online retailers in the Qurate Small Business Spotlight program to support underserved entrepreneurs.  Our services and annual awards celebration continued to be offered virtually, exploiting technology, to enable face-to-face connections.

Please click 2021 Annual Progress Report to review how SCORE Chester and Delaware Counties chapter supported our small business and nonprofit community.

We Help Small Business People with Mentoring & Training

SCORE Chester and Delaware Counties 100+ Volunteers are part of the largest volunteer business expert network in the USA. Operating since 1964, our volunteers help small businesses and start-ups, both for-profit and non-profit companies, in a variety of capacities. We provide confidential mentoring at no charge with national access to 11,000 volunteers having a wide industry experience in all aspects of business. 



With SCORE, you have access to webinars, workshops, live and online seminars and many practical business tools. We’re here for the life of your business – providing professional advice at every stage to help you start, grow, sustain or transition your business. Click here to find a SCORE Mentor that fits your needs.



    Chester & Delaware County SCORE offers the following services:

    In Chester and Delaware Counties, we have 100 Volunteers ready to help you.  Our Mentors, Subject Matter Experts, and Workshop Presenters have been operating in the two counties for over 40 years serving thousands of clients.  Our Mentors are available to meet in person, via video conference, phone or email, whichever is most convenient for you. SCORE mentoring is scheduled by appointment and always at no charge to you.  Download SCORE brochure and learn more about getting free business mentoring, plus local workshops and online, expert resources.