Small businesses are a vital part of the U.S. economy. SCORE is here to help you think through your strategic options to prosper in post-pandemic 2020.

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SCORE Volunteers are Here for the Life of Your Business

Whether you’re starting, growing, sustaining, or in transition, SCORE volunteers will be with you at every stage. Here in Chester and Delaware County, our chapter has 100 Volunteers.  They are Mentors, Subject Matter Experts, and Webinar/Workshop Presenters. SCORE has been operating in the two counties for over 40 years serving 2,000+ clients.  Our mentoring can be done by video conferencing, phone or email.  Click here to schedule your mentoring session.

Our business professionals offer free mentoring to help your business succeed. SCORE has been mentoring new and existing businesses for over 40 years. Our mentors are dedicated to delivering, valuable, timely and practical business advice. Each free session lasts an hour, but the results last a lifetime!

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SCORE provides an extensive variety of regularly scheduled low cost business workshops and seminars. From basic sessions on how to start and grow a business to hands on financial exercises, all workshops and seminars are designed to help you establish and grow a successful business.

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With access to a wide variety of documents, templates and tools to assist you in starting or growing your business, the information provided here covers a wide range of subjects including initial business planning, capital sources, government agencies, and much more.

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SCORE is here to help women small business owners

Numbering at 13M in the U.S., women-owned businesses comprise a vital and growing segment of the economy.  This segment employs 9.4M workers, ushers in new innovation, and introduces new products as part of a vibrant U.S. economy.  Women entrepreneurs bring a unique perspective and sometimes must break ceilings in traditionally male-dominated industries or roles. 



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SCORE offers many ways to volunteer and give back to small business communities nationwide. Read more

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